Unofficial project to compile information about "It's all your fault."(全てあなたの所為です。/subeteanatanoseidesu) and its imitators, and to support interaction between users in the neighborhood

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Here's the info on the new video in the neighbourhood! (#imicom_toukou)

Announcements about the Imitate Community are also available here.

A server for neighbourhood users, where viewers and creators can connect

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Several days of broadcasts of original works, imitations, new works, deceased works (provided by the author himself), events, etc.

End of Event

A new countdown for "It's All Your Fault" imitators and neighbourhood lovers

End of Event

The most popular videos from neighbourhood, gathered here...

A lot of new events to celebrate one year since its birth

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Substitute posting, live streaming, introduction on LiveStream, and publicity cooperation


Please do not contact the people listed here directly about the Imitate Community in any way.If you have any questions about Imitate Community, please contact us.
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  • 全て我々の所為です。[Subetewarewarenoseidesu]