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This page contains spoilers for the cipher contained in the songs. Please be careful when viewing it.

Only highly accurate information provided by @IQe1uOjv8fv4pUV and It's all your fault. Information / Decryption(全てあなたの所為です。情報//解読).

. - 2018/9/13

1:10- Morse code / View from here

Left : どうひていなくなてしまたの(どうしていなくなってしまったの)

(How did you just disappear?)

Right : それはきかないで (Don't ask me that.)

Left : わすれないで (Don't forget. )

Right : わすれゐください(わすれてください)


2:15- Morse code / View from here

Left : とくにいみなし (No special meaning)

Right : ごめんなさい (I'm sorry)

(Repeat for the rest)

.. - 2018/9/24

Entire video - acoustic spectrogram

どうして どうして ころして ころして みつけてくれてありがとう

(Why/Why/Kill me/Kill me/Thank you for finding)

0:29 - reading the lyrics vertically / View from here


(Never decode it.)

1:48- reading the lyrics vertically / View from here

あなぐりしろうとするな (Don't try to figure it out.)

3:09- Morse code(Melody played on a synth) / View from here


(I'm not a person as you think.)

... - 2018/12/31

1:47- Braille / View from here



(I think I've been walking around too much on my own. No matter how much I tell the truth, no one will believe me anymore. Longe/ロン毛)

Abje (アブジェ) - 2018/12/1

2:48- Ripples (binary -> converted to hexadecimal -> converted to characters as EUC-jp) / View from here

Left -> 0、Right -> 1 でぐちはすぐそこ(The exit is right there.)

"..." Trailer (currently unavailable)

133F0EF -> Convert to decimal -> 20181231

Omote/Ura (表/裏) - 2019/4/24

4:33- Push signal -> pager code / View from here

72720233713244611224713404 -> みみをすましてはいけませ゛(Don't listen too carefully)

Nanonaihoshigasoraniochitara (名の無い星が空に堕ちたら) - 2019/9/28

1:39- Hidden lyrics of the second verse / View from here

むすんだのは (What I tied is)

あかいいとで (read thread, and)

だれと (who)

わらってるの (are you laughing with?)

めをあけて (Opening your eyes,)

いきをころして (holding your breath,)

だれのほうに (who)

てをふってるの (are you waving at?)