Imitators Support

Imitate Community is accepting support for those who want to be active in the neighborhood.

(Please note that this support is limited to activities related to "It's All Your Fault")

Posting videos instead

For those who cannot create an account for some reason, we accept video submissions on their behalf. Please upload the original data using an uploader, etc. and hand it to our staff. Please feel free to ask about time specifications, premieres, thumbnails, etc.

Live Streaming

You can stream live on the Imitate Community YouTube account. Staff can also make Twitter announcements on your behalf, so we recommend this to anyone who wants to live stream events in the neighborhood.

Published on "Imitate Community LiveStream"

You can publish your new works and past works on the "Imitate Community LiveStream"(Irregularly scheduled live broadcasts focusing on work introductions and projects). It can be limited to LiveStreams, so it is recommended for those who want to publish in secret as well as for surprises.

(Only available during "Imitate Community LiveStream".)

Cooperation in promoting your work

We will cooperate with advance notice and publicity of the work on Twitter account.