Thank you for joining this server.

This server is administration by the "Imitate Community," which compiles information on "It's All Your Fault" and its imitators, and encourages interaction between users in the neighborhood.

If you're new here, please go through this page first! This page contains a lot of things you need to know in order to interact well with other users.

If you need help, please see the "If you need help..." section of this page.

Invite other people

We have turned off the invitation link generation for the server.

I'd appreciate it if you could tweet from this button, or copy and paste https://en.imicomweb.com/discord to share!

Channel Description


Announcements from Staff

I will let you know here if there are anything about this server or our usual activities.


Notice of Video Posting

The "neighbourhood video post notification", also known as #imicom_toukou, will be posted during updates on Twitter!


Announcements in the neighbourhood

If you have any big news in the neighbourhood (It doesn't have to be big, it can be just something small) that you found on Twitter, etc. If you have big news, please write it here. The administrator alone can't grasp them, you know.



【Text Channel】This is a #general. Video updates and newcomers to the server will also be displayed here. Let's say hello here first.


general-Unrelated Topics

【Text Channel】In principle, you are allowed to talk about anything not related with "It's All Your Fault" on this server, but we created this channel to make it easier for you to read messages. You can talk about games, anime, or anything you want (within the guidelines).


Text ChannelIn response to the increase in the number of overseas users, we have finally risen to the occasion. Chat in English, here we come! There will be English conversation not only between overseas users, but also with Japanese users!



【Works】You can advertise your new work, your new work, your new work, your new work, and your new work. You can also call for collaborations here (just let me know and I'll make a dedicated channel for collaborations).



【Works】This is the place to share materials and files that you want to give away only here (Don't redistribute backups of other people's work! Read the guidelines).



【作品】There are many things you don't understand in the beginning of creation. "I want to do that!" "I want to do this!" Let's ask the experts.



【作品】Progress of the work, prototypes, etc. If you're having trouble opening your work to the public, you might want to try putting it here first. It will be a good experience to get feedback and evaluation.


category: Helpful Links

#作詞関連(Lyric related) / #VST / #作曲・アレンジ関連(Composition and arrangement related) / #暗号関連(Cipher related) / #映像・画像関連(Video and image related) / #変換・抽出(Conversion and extraction) / #アップロード関連(Uploading related) / #お役立ち動画集(Helpful video collection)

I would be happy to post a link to a site that you should read when creating your work. Everyone will be happy too.


general (Voice Channel)

【Voice Channel】As you can see, it's called a voice channel. Yeah, talk, talk, talk. Sometimes it's easier to convey your feelings with words than with text.


working (Voice Channel)

【Voice Channel】This is what we call a focus room. It's also good to exchange technology through screen sharing.


Chat only / Chat only-working

【Voice Channel】"I broke my microphone! " "I don't have a microphone in my house!" Here's a channel just for you! It is also recommended for users who are too shy to speak out (even the administrator uses voice change).


Contact Us

【Contact Us】This server has adopted the Ticket Tool, god-like bod! Press the reaction button with the letter symbol, and in no time at all, you and the staff will have your own space. Even if you press it by mistake, you can close it with the reaction button of the key mark. Please feel free to send us any information about Imitate Community in general, or any requests for the server.


Rules for this server

  • Please do not say or do anything that makes others feel uncomfortable, or slander a specific user or group.

  • Excessive advertising is prohibited. (e.g., posting a series of messages, forcing others to watch, etc.)

  • Do not back up existing videos or distribute deleted works (except for your own videos or approved ones)

  • As a general rule, conversations not related to "It's All Your Fault" are fine, but please use #一般-未関連(general-unrelated) as much as possible.

  • The posting of R18 (including R18G) images is prohibited. Excessive text may also be deleted.

  • The posting of any personal information is prohibited.

  • In case of an altercation within the server, some action will be taken based on the "Steps if you violate the rules".

Steps if you violate the rules

Step 1: Granting roles

You will be assigned a role as a Note User.

Also, the nickname will be yellow.

Step 2: Temporary exit (kick)

When you come back, the nickname part will be red.

Step 3: Permanent ban

If you have any objections, please contact us.

If you need help...

#お問い合わせ(Contact Us) in the Discord server

Contact page on the website

Please do one of them.