Please read the guidelines before joining.

Rules for this server

  • Please do not say or do anything that makes others feel uncomfortable, or slander a specific user or group.

  • Excessive advertising is prohibited. (e.g., posting a series of messages, forcing others to watch, etc.)

  • Do not back up existing videos or distribute deleted works (except for your own videos or approved ones)

  • As a general rule, conversations not related to "It's All Your Fault" are fine, but please use #一般-未関連(general-unrelated) as much as possible.

  • The posting of R18 (including R18G) images is prohibited. Excessive text may also be deleted.

  • The posting of any personal information is prohibited.

  • In case of an altercation within the server, some action will be taken based on the "Steps if you violate the rules".

Steps if you violate the rules

Step 1: Granting roles

You will be assigned a role as a Note User.

Also, the nickname will be yellow.

Step 2: Temporary exit (kick)

When you come back, the nickname part will be red.

Step 3: Permanent ban

If you have any objections, please contact us.

If you need help...

#お問い合わせ(Contact Us) in the Discord server

Contact page on the website

Please do one of them.

If you join, please take a look at the #はじめに (Introduction)

*Link to the Join Discord page